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Why Quartz Countertops 

If you’re debating why quartz countertops are the right choice for your new kitchen countertop material or for your quartz bathroom countertops, Artistic Marble & Granite Surfaces has the answers. 


Quartz is quickly giving granite countertops and marble countertops a run for their money. Homeowners love the no maintenance, flexibility in design, and the nearly endless color choices.


Quartz countertops for kitchens and bathroom quartz countertops come in a rainbow of awe inspiring colors and finishes. Want your black quartz countertops honed? No problem. Have your heart set on blue quartz countertops with a sand blasted finish? Artistic Marble & Granite’s got you covered! The options for new, best kitchen countertops and finishes are endless. You’ll also be hard pressed to tell the difference between quartz, natural stone and granite. The swirls, flecks and patterns previously only seen in natural stone abound in quartz selections.


Quartz is low-maintenance and never needs to be sealed. Because the resin binders make quartz countertops for kitchens non porous, odor causing bacterial and other things you don’t want lurking in your kitchen or bathroom can’t penetrate the surface. Surface stains can be removed with a gentle cleansing scrub. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive scouring pads and your quartz will look good forever.


If you love to recycle,quartz has you covered. No natural stone is quarried to make quartz countertops. Roughly 93% of quartz and various other stone-like waste by-product materials are mixed with 7% polyester resins as binders. 


Quartz kitchen countertops are heat and scorch resistant. Manufacturers claim their products withstand 400 degrees F, but a trivet or hot pad is a good idea.  Warranties will be void if you use it for an outdoor project. and you should consider using granite.


One of the most sought after White Italian marble look quartz countertops is listed by many names that are all so close when you read them you might start shaking your head. Calacatta, Calacata, Calacutta quartz, Carrara quartz. Don’t worry. These manufacturers of white quartz countertops, grey quartz countertops also have nearly every color of the rainbow.


•Quartz Master                     •Cambria                             •Caesarstone 

•Compac                                •Teltos                                  •The Four Elements

•Viatera                                 •Polarstone                          •Pental Quartz

•Zodiac                                  •LG Hausys                          •Silestone

•IceStone                              •HanStone                            


Visit Artistic Marble & Granite’s indoor showroom now. Regardless of weather you can enjoy the expertly trained staff’s assistance in comfort while they help you make your dream project come to fruition.

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